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Adam's East Coast Tour

(10N / 11D)

If you love beaches and haven't visited the south-western coastline of the country then right away go for Adam's East Coast tour that is going to span itself in the duration of 10 nights and 11 days.

You will be visiting some beautiful destinations such as Chennai, Mahabalipuram, Tanjore, Trichy, Madurai, Rameshwaram, Kanyakumari, Trivandrum as well as Pondicherry.


City Hotel
Mahabalipuram Sea Breeze Hotel
Pondicherry Villa Santosa Heritage Hotel
Tanjore Parishutham Hotel
Trichy Vivid Hotel
Madurai Park Plaza
Rameshwaram Daiwik Hotel
Kanyakumari Sea View or Sea Princess
Trivandrum Fortune Hotel The South Park


    Upon arrival transfer to Mahabalipuram right on the beach check in to the hotel and overnight.


    - In south of India, most of the cities are having more than one name. The reason behind this is it was difficult for British People to pronounce correctly so they just changed it. For example, Chennai was called as Madras. So other name of Mahabalipuram is Mamallapuram. It is town is sandwich between Chennai and Kanchipuram. It was the second capital and sea port of the Pallava Kings of Kanchipuram – The First Tamil Dynasty. Mamallapuram is notable for the Delightful freshness and Simplicity of their Folk Art Origin.

    Shore Temple – This beautiful and romantic temple ravaged by Wind and Sea, Represent the face of Pallava Art. It was constructed approx.. in the middle of 7th Centuary but was later rebuilt by Narshima Varman II (also known as Rajasimha). Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu and houses his reclining image such is the significance of the Shore Temple. It is a World Heritage Site.

    Arjuna's Penance - This relief carving on the face of a huge rock depicts animal deities and other semi-divine creatures as well as fables the Panchtantra Books. The Penance relates to the mythical story of the Ganga River issuing from it shores high in the Himalaya. The panel is approx.. 30mtr by 12mtr.it is divided by a huge perpendicular Fissure which is skillfully incorporated into the sculpture.

    Ganesh Ratha - Means Lord Ganesha Chariot. Temple is in the shape of Chariot. It's a beautiful carved small temple with a tiny porch supported by Yalis (Mythical Lion Creatures). The other temples and Mandapams like Trimurti Cave Temple, Kotikal Mandapam, Krishna's Butterball, Dharamraj Mandapam, Krishna Mandapam, Mahismardini Mandapam, Olakkannesvara Temple, built in the 8th century. Five Rathas dates back from the period of Mahabharata (Ratha – means Chariot). Each Raths is given the name of Pandava Brothers- Heroes of Mahabharata. Dharmraja Ratha, Bhima Ratha, Arjuna Ratha, Nakul-Sehdev Ratha, and Draupadi Ratha. Overnight into the hotel.

    After Breakfast Proceed to Pondicherry. The former French Colony settled in the early 18th Century. Charming coastel Town with a few enduring pockets of French Culture, an Ashram with the other former French enclaves of Karaikal (Also in Tamilnadu). The only town in India where you more openly can hear French spoken on the streets. The jury is still out when it comes to issuing definitive statement on the early history, but archeologists claims to have evidence of Two early settlements, one was called "Podhigal" and was identified as the Abode of the Hindu Saint, called Agastya . The other settlement was called "Vedapuri"- Here scholars study the Vedas. Recent excavations in the district of Arikamedu near Pondicherry have revealed significant trade connections with Rome and Greece. During the Chola period a prosperous settlement known as Ozhukarai developed was an abbreviation of an early term meaning North Bank of the River. The district has had many names over the centuries including Ponduke and Pondukai. The French had always sought to establish a colony in India and they finally arrived in Pondicherry in February 1673.

    Sri Aurobindo Ashram : - Abandoning revolutionary policies against British Colonialism and established his ashram in 1926 in collaboration with a French woman known as the Mother. Its spiritual tenets represent a Synthesis of Yoga and Modern Science. After the death of Aurobindo spiritual authority passed to the mother, who herself died in 1973 aged 97.

    The Pondicherry Museum : At Rangapillai street has a collection including everything from Pallava sculptures to a Bad Slept in by Duplex the colony's most famous governor. Other interesting places can be seen like Jawahar Toy Museum, Police Museum and there are beautiful churches and temple exists like The Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, the Sacred Heart Church on Subbayah Salai (Street). The Botanical garden was established by the French in 1826 have received hundreds of plants, species from all over India and abroad.

    Drive to Tanjore City also known as Thanjavur - Brihadishwara Temple & Fort – World heritage site was built by Raja Raja in 1010 temples dedicated to Shiva in form of Natraja (The King of Cosmic Dance). The temple contains several representations of the aspects of shiva. This temple stones were transported from various place around Thanjuar as there is no mines available, so the granite weighing approx. 80 tons.

    The dome has hauled in two places along a 4Km earthwork ramp in a manner similar to that used for the Egyptian pyramid. Inside the temple several locations to be seen like 250 Lingams of Shiva, Pillared Halls and shrines. In the courtyard of the temple you can witness a huge sculpture of Nandi. 6 Meter Long, 3 meter high, 2& half meter across looks towards to inner sanctum created from a single piece of rock, it weighs 25 tons. Gopuram (Entrance of temple) is 66 Meter high approximately 13 storey.

    Tanjor palace and museum was constructed by Nayaks of Madurai around 1550. Visit Royal Palace museum to witness an eclectic collection of Regal Memorabilia. Most of it is dating from the 19th century, when Sarfoji II ruled.

    Visit Saraswati Mahal library, Sangeetha Mahal (Music Hall), and proceed to check into the hotel


    Other name of Trichy is Triuchirappali proceed after breakfast to see Marvelous Rock Fort Temple, Which is 83 Meter high on a massive rock. This smooth rock was first hewn by the Pallavas, who cut small cave temples into the southern face. This temple is dedicated to Vinayaka (another name of God Ganesha). Sri Thavymanaswamy Temple dedicated to Shiva, to climb up you have to walk 437 stone cut steps to the top but well worth experience. Visit other places like Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple – is located approx.. 3 Km north west of the Rock Fort. It is situated on island formed Cauvery River Temple's history legends tells how Ravana's brother Vibhisana assisted Rama in his battle against Ravana.

    In appreciation Rama presented Vibisana with the Srirangam Vishnu (Vimana) , and abode of the deity. The temple is mentioned in the poetry of the Sangam (The Ancient Academy of Tamil Literature), but concrete evidence of its existence dates from the 10th century. Temple was restored during the period of 15th -17th century, while Vijayanagar dynasty victory the temple. In 1966 the temple received assistance from UNESCO for preservatiobn and restoration. Sri Jambukeshwara Temple also known as Tiruvanai koil means Elephant Grove . this temple is dedicated to Shiva and Parvati. Built around 10th Century also visit the church of our Lady of Lourdes was completed in 1896. Also visit to Teppakkulam Tank. Check in to hotel for overnight.

    After breakfast drive to Madurai main attraction of the holy town is Sri Meenakshi Temple. It's a short drive from Trichy to Madruai approx. 3 hrs upon arrival check in to the hotel and later in the evening proceed to see the evening ceremony of the temple and to have an areal view of the temple and then over night in to the hotel .

  • Day 7: MADURAI

    Full Day city tour of Madurai . It was designed in 1560 by Vishwanatha Nayak. Present temple was substantially built during the region of Tirumalai Nayak (1623-55), but its history goes back 2000 years to the time when Madurai was the capital of Pandya Kings. The temple complex occupies an area of 6 hectares. It has 12 towers ranging in height of 45-50 Meter. As non- Hindu are not allowed to enter into Inner sanctum of temple but still visiting the various location of the temple is worth. Also you should visit the evening ceremony of temple. Market around the temple is interesting and worth visiting, where you can see the flower shops of Mariegolds and jasmine flowers along with the various shops selling browns.

    Also visit Tirumalai Nayak Palace, it is approx., 1.5 km from Sri Meenkashi temple. This Indo- Saracenic palace was built in 1636 by the ruler whose name it bears. Grandson of Tirumalai demolished much of the fine structure and removed most of jewels and woodcarvings in order to built his own palace (His dream was never realised).Palace was restored by Lord Napier who was the governor of Madras in 1866 – 72. Also visit Mariamman Teppakkulam Tank.

    Drive to the history dates back the period of Lord Rama (Ramayana). Other name of Rameshwaram is Ramanathapuram. This island is connected to Sri Lanka through the Adam's Bridge , which is called "Ramasetu". Temple of Sri Rameshwaram is a fine example of Dravidian Architect. As per the epic legend story of Ramayana this place is witnessed mainly two important occasions. First Lord Rama meeting with brother of Ravana, Vibhishan. Meeting place is now a temple dedicated to lord Rama is called Dhanuskodi located on an island.

    The temple complex has 22 Wells is also called 22 Teeratham (Which means holy cities/ temples). For example one of the well is after river Ganga which is located in North of India but this river is considered to be Holy River of India. The Main deity in inner sanctum is a Lingam of Shiva is made out with Sea-sand usually Shiva Lingam is made out with hard stone.


    Drive of 310 Km. will take approx.. 5 & half hour , but worth drive as most of the time you will be on coastel road to Kanyakumari. Worth visiting small villages enroute. Upon arrival check into hotel and then proceed to see the Ceremony in the temple and then enjoy spectacular view of confluence of Three Seas- Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean & Arabian Sea. Overnight into the hotel.


    After breakfast take a ferry to Vivekanand Island. And upon returning drive to Trivandrum, check in to hotel and then proceed to visit Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Zoo. Over night into the hotel.


    Transfer to airport or optional to take a long beach holiday in a beach resort in Kovalam.

  • ( There is an option to stay at Kovalam Beach kindly send us a email for that separately to get the best quotes for 3 / 4 /5 Star Hotels / Beach Resorts )


  • Accommodation on twin Sharing Basis
  • Daily Breakfast
  • Services of English Speaking Driver
  • Air Conditioned Transportation
  • English Speaking Guide in Madurai


  • 5 % GST
  • Anything not mentioned in Inclusion

Tariff Based on Minimum 2 Pax Travelling Together

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2 Pax 809 GBP Per Person

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